FLOWTOX Cosmetics - The European Anti-Aging Miracle

I just looooove trying out all kinds of skin care products or anti-aging products, always looking for ways to look younger. This one has the absolute potential to be on top with other high quality brands with a high percentage of result.
And this is what we are looking for - results! That's why I will put this product on my 'tips and tricks' list for you ladies (and of course also for you gents) how to Keep That Youthful Look <3

The slogan of FLOWTOX Cosmetics is 'Time is Relative' which already says it all ;)
The brand offers the highest quality and safety of use while keeping your skin fresh, healthy, young and beautiful.
Their secret is based on the most recent scientific findings and a unique formula consisting of highly concentrated and effective ingredients in purest form - the result of many years of scientific research in German quality laboratories.

Say Good Bye to fine lines, wrinkles and eye circles!

*Shipping for Flowtox Cosmetics products ONLY within Europe at this time!


Instant effect on wrinkles. The high quality fragmented short and long chained hyaluronic acid supports your skin with lots of moisture and the regeneration of your skin cells.

The perfect 24/7 formula consisting of highly dosed active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, phytohormones, ceramides, vitamins, algae, aloe vera extracts, shea butter, etc). Smoothens and also protects your skin from free radicals and damages to skin cells.

Reduces muscle contraction effectively like never seen before with the most expensive active ingredients. The highly dosed anti-aging product contains high quality fragmented short and long chained hyaluronic acid, snap-8 and argireline and EPS seafill.

Provides you with the internationally patented and innovative LIFT NOW HYDROGEL technology. It contains highly dosed collagen which lifts your skin perfectly. Kaolin has a cleansing and lifting effect. Green tea soothes and clears your skin. Aloe Vera offers great moisture.

The anti-aging spray TO GO! Lifts skin structure, reduces facial wrinkles and decreases redness. This spray can be used several times a day and won't affect your make-up due to its fine spray mist.

Loosens cornificated skin scales and makes the skin particularly receptive for further active ingredients. The intensive, deeply penetrating peeling based on papaya enzymes has an antibacterial effect and regulates unclean or irritated skin.

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