A lot of you know me as the music artist 'Lionezz' of my group Follow Your Instinct before I even started fashion blogging. For those who don't know anything about my music, here is a little insight into my latest music video BIGGER BETTER FASTER with my group Follow Your Instinct featuring Guest Star 'Busta Rhymes' and the American Idol contestant 'Chris Richardson'.
I am providing you with a one minute preview since the song/video has not been released yet, but coming soon  <3

A little special for you to see it first, I hope you like :)


PRO BLO GROUP - Introducing CurlME <3

I am soooo in love with these fashion style CurlME ceramic brush barrels. It makes it so much easier with the detachable handle to get that quick amazing and beautiful volume, waves or curls. 
Watch my Video Tutorial about the product of Pro Blog Group to see for yourself how fast and easy it is to get that 'slay' hairstyle :)

The CurlME ceramic brush barrels have a unique detachable handle. You can create volume, waves and curls. CurlME is 'the' blow dry brush that gives you a fabulous blow dry look. You can easily detach the handle from the barrel, the barrel stays in your hair until hair has cooled down. You dry and style at the same time and voilà - there is your perfect style and your perfect blow out  <3